We have always tried to focus on the people who were going to use the products, and we have always tried to design products for the life they live.


We do a premium Mordern

Clothing may not change the world, but the women who wear them will.


Our Operations

The production hub of Running Bare is the Operations team. From testing zippers through to warehousing, our Operations team are driven by a desire to deliver Running Bare garments to the highest level of quality & sustainability. They are the engine room that keeps Running Bare headquarters flowing seamlessly. Running Bare products are intimately connected to our own community & country. We actively pursue sustainability across all key areas of our brand: our fabric mills; our factories; our cutting room & our operations. All our stretch items are manufactured locally & we pride ourselves on the high quality garments that are consciously crafted at our factory in Sydney, Australia. At the heart of everything we do is our heritage: we are Australian born & bred, Australian owned & Australian made, creating premium products of which we are proud.

Sitz Design AB

Our misson

The Running Bare all-female design team is a collective of in-house designers, pattern makers & machinists who work together to create garments of the highest level. Working with stretch fabrics, we have always understood the importance of the perfect fit & flawless patterns – these are keystones of our longevity & success. Our pattern makers are the craftswomen who create the perfect Running Bare silhouettes, to compliment every woman’s shape from sizes 8 -22 in both classic and petite fits. Having perfected our pattern blocks over decades, our pattern makers expertly customise and craft our designs specific to fabric, function, size & fit. Every garment design is tested, re-tested & then tested again, to ensure we deliver the perfect Running Bare fit for which we are now famous. We want you to live in our products, so we make them to last. The ability to control every step & to focus on the detailed aspects of the manufacturing process is at the heart of everything we do at Running Bare.


From all over the world

HAY has always believed that good design is everyone’s right. That’s why, from the very beginning, co-founders and Creative Directors Mette and Rolf Hay committed to working with their generation’s best designers from all over the world to create high-quality products that would be available to a wide audience.

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